Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links of Interest 3/23

Find out what it was like in the beginning, as ER slowly moves toward the end.

A cool collection of wave photography.

The story of a man convicted of a crime forensic scientists don’t believe he committed.

How far parents are willing to go to get their kids a private education. No wonder they’re douches.

The history and cultural impact of Russian tattoos.

The smiley face icon has a fairly sordid history.

Like miniature golf? Think you could create an awesome course? Put your money where your mouth is.

It’s possible the mystery of the disappearing honey bee has been solved. I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news.

Interview with Andy Richter, the new co host of the Tonight Show. You know, the old co host of The Late Show?

A list of TV shows that were canceled too soon. I’ll agree with Frank’s Place, but that might be it.

Why it’s hard to take North Korea’s dictatorship seriously.


gdr said...

Agree with 2/3 of the Apatow window... Ben Stiller Show is an all time classic and I have all the episodes on video. Freaks & Geeks was solid too. Never saw Undeclared.

mndleftbod said...

I will never learn the sordid history of the smiley face apparently...

Goose said...

oops. I fixed the link to now redirect you to the proper story. To be fair, the Russian tattoo stuff is fascinating.