Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Links of Interest 3/3

A house that slides depending on the season. Like slides into itself. I can't explain it. That's why I provide the links.

Skate or die at some of the coolest skate parks in the world.

The cast of The Godfather goes and sees how a real mafia family eats.

The gentleman antique book thief. Still at large. That makes him still awesome.

See how Art Carney's Oscar win in 1974 made sure Mickey Rourke wouldn't win an Oscar in 2008.

Dive deep into the world of author Franz Kafka. If you can handle it.

When rebels and insurgents don't get the message.

Crazy science experiments that will make you mad that people got money to perform. I've got a science project idea - the effects of me watching television all day. I need a million dollars.

Want to be a special effects guru? Before you might have to learn from an elder science effects guru. But now, there’s this trusty guide.

Oh sure, you might be able to scam the lemmings out of their money public radio, but I’m on to you!

Any Margot Kidder fans out there?

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