Friday, September 5, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #7


Anyone can make a parody video, but the reason this one is so good is because the songs matches so well with Bert and Ernie's mouths. Aside from a few mentions of "niggas," I think this could air on a normal episode of Sesame Street.


I admire her spunk; I don't admire the camera person's cerebal palsy.


Keeping the pool motif going... I'm so mad that we didn't think of this idea at my old swim club. I do enjoy the Saturday Nights they bust out (there's like 4 people who know what I'm talking about).

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Anonymous said...

There is a you tube parody of bert and ernie "I'm so horny" that just cracks me the F up, I think I saw it linked off this one once...

it is so wrong, I need to grow up...

I don't think mr. p would approve of the trampoline...his kids would be listening though.