Thursday, September 11, 2008

Links of Interest 9/11

Years back, my friends and I contemplated a march madness style tournament for men we thought were awesome. There were two problems with this idea; 1. we couldn't limit ourselves to just 64 choices; and 2. we could never clearly define what "awesome" was. What does this have to do with an article about Chris Elliot? Absolutely nothing, other than we did agree he would be a #1 seed. (If this doesn't explain in a nutshell what you should expect from The Popcorn Trick, then I don't know what will).

I won't be as presumptuous as Discover magazine, I'll just say these are some pretty cool facts about the Earth.

Let's hope the trend of doomsdays passing with no doom continues.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy KFC Chicken, but I've also had better. Are there really companies out there willing to steal the recipe? If there are, I'd love to be hired. It would be much more morally acceptable than what I do now.

Rock stars can get away with so much. Ozzy bites a head off a dove, he's eccentric. I do it, I'm committed. It's just so unfair.

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