Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hip hip Brazil!

Ok, so maybe there's no Lambada on here, but still, I'm guessing you're unfamiliar with a lot of Brazillian music - and that's a shame. That's why I cobbled together this (very) incomplete list of artists and songs from Brazil. I'd be willing to be you'll find something on here that you enjoy.

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hendge said...

Well, that first one has been tainted by that stupid McDonalds commercial where the kids are playing soccer. How do you say "sell out" in Portuguese?

I actualy dig some Latin jazz. Groove Collective got me into some of that and led me to stuff like Chucho Valdes, BVSC, and others.

I can only take so much with foreign lyrics though. Despite the groove, I feel detached when I can't understand a word they're saying. I've tried -- I have several Ozomatli discs (and granted, they sing in English much of the time) and a pair of Los Amigos Invisibles CD's too. I like them, but find I rarely get through more than a few songs in a sitting.

Goose said...

the 2 bands you name check (Ozomatli and LAA) are both modern bands who seem to mix their heritage with traditional rock and roll influences (American in origin?). I agree with those two bands, they have a vibe I really can't get into either.

However, the songs I chose are from true Brazilian artists, probably none of them recorded past 1975. For whatever reason, personally it makes them feel more genuine to me and therefore I enjoy not understanding them.

It's funny, these songs, while not venturing too far away from a Puto de Mayo compilation CD, are just far enough that you wouldn't hear them in Urban Outfitters or some other trendy place. I'm always fascinated by that.

I also will certainly say they have an allure for me because they are by no means easy to track down. here in the states.

khop said...

when are you and the knuckleheads over at fireside chat gonna resume the podcasting? i haven't had an embarrassing incident at the gym from falling off the treadmill due to laughing recently.....

Cline said...

I think Fireside Chat may have left the realm of podcasting and have moved into "bodcasting". I don't know what that is, but I don't think it involves shirts.

Not to raise expectations too high, but we have tentatively set a podcast recording session for next Wednesday.