Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Links of Interest 9/30

Being a pirate these days is a dangerous job.

Rock posters are amazing. Here's the best of the best. Even if you don't like the acts, you have to appreciate the art that goes into promoting the shows.

Back in middle school, we played an assassination game. Pretty sure I won at least once. One kid tried to take me out with a "letter bomb," disguised as a note from a girl dropped in my locker. Please, like I'm going to fall for that. Girls didn't talk to me in middle school. So now you have enough information to decide who is nerdier: me or the people in this article.

I like to make sure you readers are prepared for emergencies. So print out this no frills guide to landing a 747 and keep it on your person.

Are the Polish that much of a powerhouse that they are stealing American secrets?



Go to YouTube, search

george harrison eric idle pirate song

you will thank moi, well.....if'in ya ain't already viewed it.

Stay on groovin' safari,

hendge said...

I actually have that Emek moe./Mule poster that is listed first on that page. I have the Phish one he did from '95 too which is crazy: http://www.expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/5

My favorite current rock poster artist is Daniel Danger: http://www.expressobeans.com/public/search.php?artist=839 I've bought a bunch of his stuff even when I don't know the band just because the artwork is so cool.

That was a cool link, I'd never heard of some of those guys.

Anonymous said...

The Farrar and Panic were my favorites...