Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Picks from The Popcorn Trick - Week 2

NFL picks - Get 'em while they're hot!

Sure, we might not have gold chains, cheap suits, dark sunglasses or gruff dispositions, but that doesn't mean we're not expert handicappers.

Actually maybe it does. We're not sure. But we're willing to find out. And that's why we're starting our NFL picks. Sure we missed week 1, but we didn't have this idea until today. Assume we went 100% last week. I took a look at the games and I think we probably would have.

And now, the picks for week 2...

Picks capitalized and bold:

Oakland @ KANSAS CITY - 3.5

The spread seems suspiciously low, but I'm still going to take Kansas City. They're tough to play at home, and while division battles are sometimes close, the Raiders are going nowhere.

Tennessee @ CINCINNATI -1

I've heard Vince Young might be having some issues. I know he's hurt and won't play, but still there's a distraction factor. Plus, maybe Ocho Cinco will have his name on his jersey, which will make him try harder.

INDIANAPOLIS -1.5 @ Minnesota

Not convinced Minnesota is good, even though they seem to be the analysts' darling this year. And the Colts can't play as poorly as they did last week right?

NEW ORLEANS PK @ Washington

I couldn't care less. Washington probably needs another year before they start to get a feel for Zorn's offense, so I'll take NO.

Green Bay @ DETROIT +3

Another line that's scary. And I'm taking the home dog here. I like Green Bay to come down to Earth after showing the world they don't need Brett Favre. I also don't think Detroit is as bad as they were last week. Of course, hanging your hat on Detroit can easily bite you in the ass, so whatevs.

Chicago @ CAROLINA -3

I like Carolina this year. I think they're going to sneak up on a lot of people. This is one of those games. No way is Chicago as good as they think they are after last week.

GIANTS -8.5 @ St. Louis

Yeah, that's a lot of points, but St. Louis is a lot of bad.

BUFFALO +5 @ Jacksonville

Every week has a game or two that makes you go "what the fuck?" This is one of those games.

Atlanta @ TAMPA BAY -7

Atlanta beat Detroit last week. That doesn't exactly make me feel confident in them. Chuckie doesn't let this one stay close.

San Francisco @ SEATTLE -7

Back at home after a terrible loss, the Seahawks don't let the division fall away. They look to establish dominance.

MIAMI +6.5 @ Arizona

It might be lowly Miami, but it's going to take a lot more than one week before I think Arizona covers 6.5.

NEW ENGLAND -1.5 @ Jets

The golden child might be out, but I'll still give the Patriots respect. Unrelated, wouldn't it be delicious if Mangini started videotaping now?

San Diego @ DENVER PK

Could San Diego drop 2 in a row? I think so. Tough road game at Mile High.

PITTSBURGH -6 @ Cleveland

Big rivalry, but I think Steelers roll. Cleveland has read too much of their own press. Steelers look to embarrass them.

Philadelphia @ DALLAS -7

Hate to do it because I'm an Eagles fan, but I think it's too early in the season for the Cowboys to implode. Look for that to happen in week 9. Unfortunately, I think they're ready to roll here.
I hope I'm wrong.

Baltimore @ HOUSTON -4.5

Other than Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, I doubt I could name a Raven. Of course, that's 2 more names I know than I do on the Titans. Since I know nothing, I'll go with the home team.

So there you have it. Do what you want with the information presented before you. I'd say don't use it to gamble, but I'm egotistical so I hope someone does. Just realize, I used very little research to make my picks. Of course, probably more than I will in the upcoming weeks.



hendge said...

Cincy looked really, really, really bad in week 1 against Baltimore playing a rookie QB. The offense didn't crack 100 yards passing OR rushing! Ouch. Could (should) be a case of "not as bad as they seem" but Tenn's D is pretty stout too. I like the Titans.

Hard to get past the home town bias, but 7 seems like an excessive spread for the Birds and Boys. The Week 15 game last year was very evenly matched and I think the Eagles are quite a bit better this time around where the Cowboys are pretty much the same team. I'd take the Birds +7.

Goose said...

Bengals can't play worse. It's just not possible. Therefore I like them to bounce back.

As for Cowboys/Eagles, that line seems a little large. Which tells me Vegas made it to get more action on the Eagles, which tells me to take the Cowboys. But remember, I have no idea what I'm talking about. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

I think 7 is too much for the birds game..It has gone down some though I think it was at 8 last monday.

I'd also probably take Wash in the pick em...they blow, but I am not real sure about NO's O with colston going down. They receiving core is pretty week after him...shockey :D

Minny's D really disappointed me last monday. I expected a lot more from them.

Anonymous said...

i realize i used some poor grammar and spelled "weak" wrong... :D

Not sure of the more boring game KC-Raiders or Ariz-miami