Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cool Shit 3/12

I'm not ready to call this the last True Detective link you'll see here, but it does a nice job of wrapping up the show by interviewing the creator about what happened, and teasing us for season 2.

Here'a good read about how the president came to be on Between 2 Ferns. It was a happy accident!

While the headline simply says "unreleased," I'm assuming it should say "previously unreleased," since the article is about a track that WAS unreleased, until the article came out and provided the music. Copy editors don't work online? Regardless, here's some cool Miles Davis music you most likely haven't read before.

A look back at the HBO series, Deadwood.

News that the Game of Thrones television show is threatening to lap Game of Thrones the novels should not be surprising at all. Martin has slowed down his writing over the years even before the show. What is surprising is that he told the creators how the show is going to end...which means there's a possibility I guess that the show will finish and then the novels will finish? Which makes absolutely no sense to me. But whatever.

I enjoy the fact that Michio Kaku is an expert on the hypothetical concept of aliens.

It's hard to rationalize the idea that a plane can simply go missing, but that's what has happened. And seriously, the ocean is a big place. Here are some more plane mysteries.

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