Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cool Shit 3/19

Some strategies designed to help you fill out your NCAA tournament brackets.

A list of facts on the internet that simply must be true.

If you feel like being challenged by your television, seek out these 20 films and prepare to have your mind blown.

Cool news - The Incredibles is getting a sequel.

Yes, I know including this link is exactly what they want, and for me to complain about it's "snarky for being snarky" ideals means they win. But still, I'm not sure why they would include it just to make bad jokes. Once again, they have some serious explanations followed by stupid stupid humor (check out #1). But if you're still pining for Lost, the list of characters from annoying to awesome will satiate you somehow.

Ever wonder how much Windex you would have to drink before you died? Wonder no more!

Mildly clever horror short that is getting some traction online. First scene with the light switch I think really works effectively, but I feel it goes downhill once she starts taping the switch, because after that she...simply goes to bed?

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