Monday, March 3, 2014

Cool Shit 3/3

Slow reader? It has to do with how you visualize the page. Change that and you're on to speed reading records!

Brett Easton Ellis is a writer, most likely known for American Psycho, which is overhyped to begin with and really, when you come down to it, no more gruesome than a number of books out there. But his publishing company got the controversy out there, he got famous, and now he we are. Rules of Attraction is probably his best book, but if you feel like slogging through the rest of his library, enjoy.

So it seems like we're getting back into blimps for air flight. I blame steampunk.

Wes Anderson has an idea for a James Bond movie. Why not? Wouldn't it be fine to take a tried and true series, such as James Bond, and then allow different directors to apply their vision. It would be a fascinating (albeit economic failure) to see what different auteurs would do with one character.

Get inside the mind of True Detective's Rusty Cohle. If you dare!

Enjoy this video of...reindeer herding?

Hannibal is back for season 2 - and boy did it start off with a bang (or slash, if you will). You should definitely be watching this show, dammit. Here's Bryan Fuller (creator) talking about what is in store for season 2.

Why visit Yosemite when you can watch a time-lapse of it here?

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