Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cool Shit 3/27

Well here's one way to release a music album I guess. Not for nothing, Wu-Tang doesn't play by your silly rules!

Here's the bat shit crazy trailer for Jupiter Ascending. When will people realize that epic fantasy/science fiction movies need to have a centralized focus before introducing us to the vastness of their worlds? The original Star Wars trilogy worked because at the beginning it was about a farmer who got swept up trying to save a princess. The prequel trilogy? Good lord who could follow it all? It started way too big and didn't give the audience anything to latch onto. The reason fantasy books work a lot better is because reading it we can take a break, go back and figure out something that's confusing, and absorb it at our own pace. Movies need to go a little slower. This Jupiter Ascending appears to not care at all about the small story to hook us, and jumps right into the universe. Too bad.

More theories about movies that you probably didn't think of (nor did the movie creators).

Apparently BASE jumping is nothing like sky diving.

Kanye West: Vampire. Eh, I've heard of stranger things.

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