Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cool Shit 3/26

Kind of cool if you're a Monopoly fan. They're looking for suggestions for some interesting, alternate rules, and have turned to crowdsourcing to get them.

Fed up with the American lifestyle? Looking for a change? Read these opinions about the best places to live for an ex-pat.

Some people might find these remote pictures of the arctic desolate; I find them amazing.

If you're older than a teenager right now, chances are you've at least fooled around inside a car. That's what makes this Cosmo article about how to have sex in a car so weird; it was obviously written by someone who has never SEEN a car, let alone rubbed happy places together in one. If you want the Cliff Notes version of why this article is insane, click here.

Where do you stand with Stephen King? It's easy to dismiss him as simply a horror writer, but I think he's surpassed that simplistic moniker tenfold. He has given a generation so many cultural talismans to mark their childhood. This is a decent list of significant King books, though it pretty much just lists his earlier work, like you would expect. And Salem's Lot is still the best. I wish that was the vampire book all the kids read.

Game of Thrones, season 4 is right around the corner. Would you like to get caught up? Watch this summary of the first three seasons!

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