Friday, March 7, 2014

Cool Shit 3/7

True Detective finale Sunday night. And in true Esquire fashion, they have attempted and failed to bring a level of levity to the party, with this list of 15 questions they want answered. Why they go from serious to "clever" is beyond me though. Just go one way or the other. Mixing it is just stupid.

Ever wonder what bay leaves really add to a recipe?

Some cool facts about Wes Anderson movies.

I feel messing around with listening to the rings of a tree trunk on a record player is opening up a Pandora's box and tempting the fates. It feels like breaching this is unnatural, like we'll learn something we can't unlearn. Or perhaps I've just read too much Clive Barker.

Whiskey barrel-aged sriracha? I'm all in.

For beer lovers, here's a cool interactive tool that may lead you to your next favorite brew.

Ranking Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends (from the show). Of course, it's easy to rank Jerry's girlfriends. But why not go here to take a look at how George Costanza's girlfriends ranked?

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