Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cool Shit 3/4

Good morning! What better way to start your day than by reading about the history of humans eating humans!

Speaking of history, why not enjoy this profile from 1973 on the Allman Brothers, written by Cameron Crowe, and see if you can pick out the nuggets that he later used for his film, Almost Famous.

Like rafting? Then you'll have to add these rivers to your river rafting bucket list.

Sure lists are completely subjective, especially when it comes to beer. But it's also always nice to have something to aspire to, and what is better to aspire to than drinking beers off a list?

Cool to see a movie inspire NASA to take photos to recreate the movie. Huh?

I'm sure I've posted this before, but natural wonders are cool enough to post again. We should never forget the world around us. And the imagery of these things will help us not to.

Sure, drones will be used in the near future to surveil us and murder us, but they also can get cool video like this:

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