Monday, March 31, 2014

Cool Shit 3/31

The ten places around the world that are photographed the most. I'm willing to be you won't get one if you guess.

13 movies where the bad guy wins. But are still satisfying enough where the viewer really doesn't mind.

Those dates on the label of your food? Made up. Go by the sniff test. If it doesn't smell good, don't eat it. Otherwise, you'll be fine. (This probably can't apply to certain cheeses).

I understand the spirit of competition, but what I don't understand is why a lawnmower? Why not bikes or other things that don't already have a purpose?

Like to travel? Like a lot? Great! Here are some helpful tips for that trip around the world you've been thinking about.! And some facts you probably didn't know about the show. Merv Griffin (or his estate at this point) are probably pretty rich.

It's silly to attempt to attach a ranking to a joke, but this list is fun to read just because it's a bunch of Mitch Hedberg jokes.

For education purposes only of course: how to escape zip ties, the trendy manacles police are using these days.

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