Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Television Preview - Knight Rider

Growing up in the 80s, I lived for awesome television shows such as The Fall Guy, Simon and Simon, Magnum P.I. etc. So when I saw the advertisements for a new show about a cool looking talking car, well, let's just say my 10 year old mind was excited.

And the show didn't disappoint. Knight Rider gave its fans a perfect mix of action, humor and Hasselhoff. Friday nights became events for me, and the anticipation of new episodes had me pumped all day. I mean who could forget when KITT had to go up against KARR?

Or when that guy that kinda looks like David Hasselhoff plays an evil guy that makes a truck called Goliath?

Anyway, with the soft spot in my heart for Knight Rider, you can see where the apprehension for the new show comes from

On the flip side you can see what I think...

I tried. I really tried to watch a full episode of the new Knight Rider. But I couldn't. It took 4 minutes before I realized the show had nothing to do with the original, and stunk.

Look, I realize that what I consider a masterpiece in the original Knight Rider, others might not heap that same amount of praise on it; however, compared to the 2008 version, the original is Olivier's Hamlet rolled up in a copy of Citizen Kane.

I get the fact that shows these days feel the need to pump up their cast with brash, young hotties to appeal to the hip youth movement that is poised to destroy our country with their apathetic lifestyles. That doesn't mean everything has to be dumbed down so that an sickly dog can follow the plot. Instead of catering to the audience, how about rewarding them? Some shows get it; Knight Rider 2008 does not.

The plot of the show I watched revolved around surfing. Apparently terrorists smuggling weapons into the US had disguised themselves in a surfing community. And this new team of gorgeous people and KITT had to do the same. I did enjoy the nice touch of attaching surfboards on the top of KITT to totally transform the entire team.

It was at that point I turned the show off. I realize this is not what reviewers are supposed to do, and that in some way I have failed you. I have not however failed you in steering you clear of this show. Trust me.

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