Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Links of Interest 10/14

No chance this "unbreakable" security ever gets cracked, right? It's almost begging every home-schooled computer teen genius to bust this thing wide open.

I'm a huge Jeff Mangum fan, so this news of a rare appearance by him in New York is pleasing. Seriously, if you haven't heard the album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, seek it out.

Really? God? I know people like to be shocking to make their lists more polarizing, but this minimizes the other mass murderers listed. If that's possible.

Who knew sumo wrestling was so rife with scandal?

Vanity Fair makes a list of to 25 songs of all time
. I think you might be surprised. They actually took into songs created before 1992 into account. In fact, there are no 90s songs on the list.

What would you do with a tiny black hole? Besides get rid of the dead hooker in your trunk.

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