Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillies - World Series Champions!

Milwaukee couldn't do it.

Los Angeles couldn't do it.

Tampa Bay couldn't do it.

Bud Selig couldn't do it.

The negativity couldn't do it.

The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies beat it all to become the world champions. It has a nice ring.

Enjoy it. I know I will.


mndleftbod said...

the best hungover work day I will ever see tomorrow...

see you on the R3 friday morning...

Goose said...

Amen - I don't even remember certain things from last night - and I wasn't that drunk.

Crowd outside Plum was cool. So were the cops...all had on Phillies hats and were definitely being cool and mellow. One had a batting helmet on and was using his nightstick as a bat (not in a malicious way)

DefinitelyNotCline said...

Longtime Phillies fan here.

Anyone know where I can get some officially licensed merchandise to celebrate us finally ending our championship drought?

We did it!

mndleftbod said...


It was that safe anarchy like a snowday and NYE wrapped into one...I walked to my buddy's house drinking beer out in the open knowing there was no way i'd get an open container...

got my daughter to school late, they were very understanding, told them she won't be late for 25 more years.

I can't stop watching this just for wheels in the background :D

DefinitelyNotCline said...

Thanks for the tip.

I don't know about 25 years. This is a young team that has all the makings of a dynasty.

If we don't win at least 2 more, I'll be shocked.

Let's get jaded!

Goose said...


If I see you in Phillies garb I will burn it off you.

DefinitelyNotCline said...

Why? We've never met. That's weird to be so hostile during what is supposed to be a time when we come together as fans and celebrate.

Goose said...

Now why would you take that as a hostile act? I'm almost positive I'd have a smile on my face.