Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 7 NFL Picks from Goose

I was tired.

It had been a whirlwind week, with 3 Phillies games (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday) that went late into the night (at least late for a dad who hasn't slept past 8:00 in the past 2.5 years, due to lovely little girl who makes a meth addict look mellow), so that by 10:30 on Thursday night I hit the wall. The Rays, taking care of the Red Sox (how did that wind up?) couldn't hold my interest, so I decided to take a run through the channels one more time before turning in.

And that's how I found myself staying up until 12:30 watching Dante's Peak.

Not seen Dante's Peak? Shame on you...

What does that have to do with NFL picks? Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to brag about watching Dante's Peak for the 37 th time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a post dedicated to Dante's Peak in the near future.

Anyway let's get on to the picks. I gots hot last week (11-3) and I'm ready to keep it going. Check it out on the flip side...

As always, picks are CAPITALIZED and bold.

San Diego @ BUFFALO -2.5

The Chargers played a well executed game last week against the Patriots. They won by a lot. But that was at home, against a team that is in disarray. Maybe, maybe if they had Dan Fouts (and Rolf Benirschke) they win, but without those guys, the Bills avenge a 28 year old loss.

New Orleans -1 @ CAROLINA

What Carolina team will show up? What New Orleans team will show up? I don't think anyone knows. That makes it tough to handicap the game. I predict John Fox gets his guys up for this game after seeing they're an home underdog to a flighty New Orleans team.

Minnesota @ CHICAGO PK

I've been on the Orton train for awhile now. I liked since Purdue. I liked him better than the Sex Cannnon. I liked him better than Griese. How can I not. Look at that handsome fellow. Vikings shouldn't have won a squeaker last week, and the Bears shouldn't have lost one. I think they both were looking ahead to this week. Let's give it to the home team and the handsome one.

Pittsburgh @ CINCINNATI +7.5

More than a touchdown for a home dog, immediately has me leaning toward Cincinnati. Couple that with Chad Johnson saying the coaches are conspiring against him, and I of course have to go with the Bengals. I know, it doesn't make sense. And neither does this...

TENNESSEE -7 @ Kansas City

It used to be that Arrowhead was a tough place for teams to play in. Then Herm Edwards came along and promptly made it opponent friendly by bringing down the talent of the Chiefs. The Titans thank him this week.

BALTIMORE @ Miami -2

I'm still not comfortable with Miami getting points. I am comfortable with Jan Hammer's wardrobe and awesomeness in this video:

Sadly, he won't be playing in this game, so I'm taking the ancient Ravens.

San Francisco @ NY GIANTS -6.5

Eli Manning might have to wear a flak jacket. It won't matter.

Unrelated, where can I get my hands on a flak jacket? If I were Eli Manning I would wear this all the time. Imagine the chicks he could get - heck I'd get one and Snake Eyes around town like a ninja. I had no idea they looked like this! I thought they were strait jacket looking. This totally blows my mind.

-6.5 @ St. Louis

The Rams are a boutique pick this week because of the uncertainty and turmoil currently swirling around the Dallas Cowboys. This article pretty much sums up that belief quite nicely. But let us not forget - these are the Rams. Jim Haslett is not a wizard. Wait a couple weeks for the Cowboys to implode.

Detroit @ HOUSTON -6.5

Let's take a look who's announcing this game...

Chris Rose and J.C. Pearson

Alright, I have no idea who either is, so let's google them...Ok, it looks like Chris Rose is the host of that Best Damn Sports Show show. I have a certain amount of pride not knowing that.

J.C. Pearson is a former NFL player, a defensive back for the Chiefs and Vikings.

So we know at least 2 people will be watching the game.


Which is worse - the Peytons in that stupid oreo cookie commercial...

...or the Williams Sister in their commercial?

Trick question! Both are equally horrible!

Peyton Manning is still good enough to beat a schizophrenic Packers team.

JETS -3.5 @ Oakland

I'm invoking my "I have no idea how to pick a Raiders game" card here. You have been warned. My thinking is that Favre doesn't get beat by a team who recently switched coaches, but I really have no idea.

Cleveland @ WASHINGTON -1

Both teams played an unusual game last week; Cleveland, because they're not used to winning this year, and Washington, vice versa. I'm predicting each team to fall back in line with how they've been playing so far this season, and look at last week as the anomaly.

Seattle @ TAMPA BAY -9

Everyone keeps harping on Detroit as the worst team in the league - I might suggest those people start turning toward Seattle a little bit. It's hard to take Tampa Bay -9, but if my other choice is taking Seattle on the road with those points, I'm going the other way.

DENVER -2.5 @ New England

I think no matter who plays New England, they're always going to be pumped up for the game. New England won all their games last year, and did it with flair, style and in-your-face-attitude. Payback's a bitch.

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