Sunday, October 19, 2008

NFL Picks Week #7 (Cline) - I Miss Mark Lemke

Well, I've procrastinated long enough. I was all set to go into a lengthy diatribe about why you should root for the Devil Rays. Then I realized (a) they're now just the  Rays, which is dumb, (b) they still haven't won the ALCS, and (c) the best I could do in terms of reasons to root for them were this and this:

Yikes. Go Sox?

Either way, this is what the Phils have going for them:

To make amends to my loyal readers for the Rob Schneider vid, here's something to cleanse the palate:

Mean Magazine Presents Kate Beckinsale in Rollergirl from Mean Magazine on Vimeo.

Now on to my picks (in CAPS) for Week 7 in the league where they play...


Week 6 Records:

Cline -- 8-6 (+$60) (LOTW/BDCS -- 2-0)
Goose -- 11-3 (+$660)

Overall Records:

Cline -- 32-24-1 (.571) +$230 (LOTW/BDCS -- 2-4)
Goose -- 30-26-1 (.536) -$170

San Diego (-2.5) at BUFFALO
New Orleans (-1) at CAROLINA
PITTSBURGH (-7.5) at Cincinnati
TENNESSEE (-7) at Kansas City

BALTIMORE at Miami (-2)
San Francisco at N.Y. GIANTS (-6.5)
DALLAS (-6.5) at St. Louis
Detroit at HOUSTON (-6.5)
INDIANAPOLIS (-3) at Green Bay
N.Y. JETS (-3.5) at Oakland
Cleveland at WASHINGTON (-1)
SEATTLE at Tampa Bay (-9)

Denver (-2.5) at NEW ENGLAND


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