Monday, October 6, 2008

Links of Interest 10/6

Including this link continues the Popcorn Trick's weird fascination with modern day piracy.

For no sane reason whatsoever, after reading this list of cities with an insanely high murder rate, a part of me wants to travel around to them to say I did. Unless I got murdered.

Good stuff to know if you're thinking of going to live off the grid. Because, you know, buying butter at the supermarket is definitely on the grid.

So wait, voicing an animated Indiana Jones is somehow reducing the character, but the fourth movie wasn't? And a fifth movie wouldn't?

I guess it's possible one of these religious ceremonies is the one true way a supreme being wants us to celebrate him/her/it. In the same way that it's possible I will win the lottery tonight without having purchased a ticket to do so.

I enjoyed the book Into Thin Air, so it makes sense I would enjoy a story about tragedy on K2 this year. (Note: not that I enjoy the act of tragedy, more that I enjoy stories about mountain climbing. Just to clear that up.)


Cline said...

Based on a wrong turn I took Friday night, can I suggest adding Winchester, VA to the list located at the second link?

Being passed several times by a guy riding a bike blowing a whistle has to be a signal of some kind to some kind of murderers.

Goose said...

hey you made it out alive - and you had to be considered an easy mark in that neighborhood.

Goose said...
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Cline said...

Nah, I was wearing my Hoodrat sweatshirt and walking tough.

Otherwise I would've been just another statistic on the mean streets of Winchester.