Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #18


Simply brilliant. And of course, it gives me yet another reason to post the youtube of genius.

In fact, I kind of hope the same guy was involved in both. It's criminal that the Quincy one has only been viewed 55,000 times by the way.

Bad and beautiful on the flip side...


How tight do you think Geraldo's pants got when he saw a "stranded" person in the water here? And then how deflating do you think it was when he realized the guy was an army engineer checking out the dikes to make sure they were holding the surge of water from the storm. Of course he has a lifeline!


Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

No, miniature people are not coming to take us over (ok, let me clarify - this is not evidence of that happening, but I'm not going on record saying that scenario couldn't happen) this is just a cool video effect using tilt-shift lenses. To get teh technical side of it all, take a look here.


Cline said...

Personally any post that uses the letter "Q" should be an excuse to include the Quincy theme song video.

Or any posts about hot Asian lab assistants.


Goose said...

did you watch the A-Ha thing? It's legitimately in the same vein.

Cline said...

Yeah, it's damn good. It petered out a bit at the end, though.

Hopped on the site and they had some other stuff, but their site was a little hard to quickly navigate. Apparently the a-ha vid is blowing up.

Goose said...

If I were the maker of the Quincy video, I think I'd be at least a little annoyed.

kchop said...

The Ah-ha video was wildly entertaining. However, as that is actually my favorite video of all time (mock me, I care not), it did kill my suspension of disbelief a tad... you mean i can't find live hot guys by reading comics? Wait, of course i can, just gotta look in the back where the 1-900#'s are. You mean I can't meet live hot guys who live inside comics and transport me to crazy comic land? sigh.

Goose said...

of course you can find hot guys reading comics. Haven't you ever been to a mall hobbie shop? It's like a pleasure dome of hotness in one of those things. Plus, you won't have any competition from any other they tend to stick to 5-7-9 and the earring stores