Friday, October 24, 2008

World Series Game 2 Thoughts

Tonight's broadcast didn't annoy me as much as Game 1. Of course, with the Phillies doing so horrid, that's not saying too much. But as much as I loved bashing them for the previous night's abomination, I have to give them credit for game 2. I felt both stepped up to just below mediocre, which is a pretty significant increase. More on the flip side...

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the umpires, particularly home plate umpire Kerwin Danley. I know this will sound like sour grapes since the Phillies lost, and blaming the umpiring sounds pathetic, but really. He blew two calls that seemed pretty cut and dry. I'm not complaining about his strike zone or any close call that can go either way. I'm talking about blatantly disregarding a rule (asking for an appeal after ringing up the batter - as I understand it, you can't go back and "correct" a call) and for missing Rollins get hit by a pitch. It wasn't close.

Of course, even I can admit that's not why the Phillies lost the game. They lost the game because they couldn't manufacture runs, and the Rays could.

Strangely, I'm not too upset with this turn of events. I didn't think the Phillies were going to sweep the Rays, and I'm excited the Series is coming back to Philadelphia tied 1-1. Yes, it's frustrating to watch a game in which so many chances are squandered, but really to me it felt the team was complacent and not in a slump.

Of course, this is the opinion of a person 1200 miles away watching on TV half-drunk, so take it for what it is.

Other notes from the game last night...

  • I know it's imperative to stay loose, but what was Rays' first baseman Pena doing before the game with that bizarre clapping under the leg dance?
  • McCarver called Rays' pitcher Price a phenom - he's pitched in 5 games this year. I know he got them out of a jam against Boston, but let's not anoint him Bob Gibson status just yet.
  • McCarver also called Brett Myers one of the "endurable" pitchers on the Phillies staff. I'm guessing he meant "durable" unless he knows something about Myers we don't. Because I'm not sure "tolerable" is a word I would use to describe Myers. Maybe it's just me.
  • Every time I see Joe Maddon I think he's going to start snapping and break out into some spoken word.
  • The same will never be said about Charlie Manuel.
  • BJ Upton didn't run out another double play ball. That makes 3 for him in 2 games. Thanks for coming BJ.


    Tim said...

    All I can say is that the worst thing we can do is Philadelphia fans and media is to jump all over these guys about their struggles. We know they aren't hitting, they know they aren't hitting. Starting to boo the second they don't knock RISP in is going to make them press even more. We need to cheer and support them. So "Anti-Philly" but I don't care.

    mndleftbod said...

    I need my national crew calling the game to call it unbiased and introduce fans to my team too. I know more about Baldelli and his menstrual cramps and Price's heroic life story than I ever needed to know. They could not even muster up anecdotes about the Phils players, when PTB was up, there was a period of complete silence..another phillie was up and buck was talking about
    mccarver's outfit and how he is going to watch the 24 screener on the way to philly and give his review on saturday. When they did talk about the phils it was on the negative 0 for __. None of the "well if Rollins can get on here, and werth can draw a walk, Utley can win the game one swing of the bat", hell not one mention that the rays blew a 7-0 leading not even 6 days ago....I turned them off and listened to crackly am radio of harry and idiot wheels for a bit...then wheel's over enthusiasm irritated me too.

    Myers pitched well and got out fo some jams...the werth error hurt us pretty bad.

    Goose said...

    One thing I forgot about too - neither Buck nor McCarver culd get over the "phenomenal athleticism" of Pena when Werth was doubled off. Really? He stood on the bag and caught the ball. He barely had to get out of the way of Werth.

    Both FOX and ESPN are rooting for the Rays. I can't really figure out why. Like I said before, both teams have stories. It makes sense from a ratings stand point to hype both teams. Why they're only hyping one is bizarre.

    Cline said...

    The Rays don't make it easy to root for them, even with all their youthful exuberance. Between the horrible stadium and the cowbells and Dickie V (ok, so maybe I still have a bit of a soft spot for this lecherous idiot) and Brian Knobs and Baldelli being praised "after all he's been through" for running to 1st base, it's tough.

    But I'll soldier on.

    Iffy decision to send Baldelli on the play where he cross-body blocked Ruiz.

    McCarver and Buck are more terrible than they're biased.

    On the check-swing thing, I'm not sure what the actual rule is about when a call is official. He may have botched the call itself, but if he hadn't officially signalled the 3rd strike (by making the fist), I'm not sure it's a rules discussion. Do we know if he said anything?

    Phils fans should feel pretty good. They haven't played great (outside of the pitching in Game 1) and got the split.

    I think the overall talent level is fairly even. But what separates the teams is that the Phils have 3 guys (Hamels, Lidge, Utley) who put the Fear of God into you and the Rays don't appear to have any. Price had a chance to be just because he was an unknown and throws heat (always a big plus in the post-season), but he looked shaky last night.

    I'm going to have to revise my prediction from Rays in 6 to Rays in 7.

    Goose said...

    Yeah I don't know what the rule is either; I thought you couldn't appeal once the ump made the call (per McCarver, so...) but who knows what constitutes a call. The play was blown by everyone around, but it might not have been a clear break of any actual rule. Though the 1st base umpire could have made everything alright by simply agreeing that there was no check (which in my opinion there was no check) saved face for everyone.

    Tim said...

    Moreover, the ump rang Baldelli up. No one pointed to first until Ruiz did it. I have no idea why Ruiz did it, I'm guessing it had to be the Home Plate ump made the signal for strike three, said "ball four" so Ruiz felt compelled to appeal. And then the first base ump fucked it up. Also, I forget what article I was reading about the game but they definitely just swept this under the rug. At the time it happened it was still only 2-0. And rather than 2 outs, man on first it was 1 out men on 1st and 2nd. The extra out allowed Upton to get up and eventually led to the cross body block slide after the score had become 3-0.

    2-0 is a lot more manageable than 3-0.

    All around, complete bullshit. And even more so, it was the first time all series that Buck and McCarver actually felt like something should go the Phillies way. But it was immediately ignored so never mind.

    Goose said...

    the ump was terrible - his ball and strike calls were almost identical as well. I hope at the very least he's at least fined. I understand the ump union is strong, but c'mon - 2 calls botched.