Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Movie Trailer Reviews

When I first clicked on this I thought it was a remake of the awesome 1984 movie House with William Katt, and my blood boiled. Luckily, that's not the case. However...

I saw this movie before - when it was called Nothing But Trouble.

Now that was a horror movie.

Getting back to the 2008 House. There's a lot going on in this trailer. First, it is very fortunate for we the viewers that two very attractive couples happened to break down at the same rundown, spooky, may-or-may-not-be-a-figment-of-everyone's-imagination hotel. Second, there is A LOT of things going on at this place, from a creepy innkeeper, demonic graffiti, a guy with a mask and a gun, dead ends and a set of really weird rules written on a tin can (they have to explain that, right? Why the rules aren't scrawled in blood on the wall? Or written in old script in a large tome? Or simply spoken by Fred the butler?)

To top it all off, we find out at the end the house belongs to Michael Madsen. That can be a good or bad thing.

Two more reviews on the flip side...

Before I go further with Zack and Miri make a porno, I think it's important you all know where I stand on Kevin Smith's body of work...

Clerks - Highly overrated. C-
Mallrats - rated pretty much perfectly. C-
Chasing Amy - liked it a lot, except for the ending. A little forced. B+
Dogma - Liked it a lot. A-
Untitled Prince Project - From the stories, probably a masterpeice had it ever seen the light.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Again - Enjoyed it. B
Jersey Girl - Please. Did anyone see this? Incomplete
Clerks II - Not a big Rosario Dawson fan, and not a big fan of the original. Didn't see it.

Now that that's out of the way...I want to like this movie. I think the premise is great too. I just hope the jokes and dialog is real. Chasing Amy, the dialog felt real. Dogma's too, in spite of its fantastic nature. I know this is a trailer, and I'm guessing it's difficult to cut a Kevin Smith movie into a trailer with the amount of dialog he writes (not to mention the subject matter of this one) so I'm holding out hope that it's good. But I do have some reservations.

Holy multiple accents Batman! This is not a good Tom Cruise vehicle. His presence and acting style (not bad, just distinct) betray this movie even in the trailer. Choosing not to go with a German accent is a big err in judgment in my opinion too. They're Nazis - that's about as German as you get. Every Nazi that is portrayed in moviedom has a German accent. Why eliminate that from what is essentially a 100% Nazi movie?

I liked the look of some of the shots, particularly the one of the red flags they use roughly 657 times. And it seems like it's a decent story. I just really think Cruise is miscast.

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