Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Links of Interest 10/8

M. Night Shyamalan really has to come to grips with himself. It's possible a sequel to Unbreakable would have worked immediately after the original came out, but now...or years down the road? Diehard fans will enjoy it I'm sure, but I can't say it will be a box office smash.

This library looks nothing like the one down the street from me. Mine doesn't have bones of any kind.

It's good to keep tabs on the current trends in prisons. Just in case. You never know when someone is going to try to Richard Kimble you. Or you might possibly just really hate your neighbor, but in the haste of "taking care of him" a stray hair from your beard falls out of the neoprene suit you had on. Or, uh...something like that.

You mean to tell me a guy in an awesome question mark suit is not going to have the answers to my debt problems?

Who didn't fantasize about popping up out of the ground from a concealed and camoflaged foxhole with a machine gun to wipe out those commie bastards? Um, me neither. Still, why not enjoy an article about the movie Red Dawn?

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