Sunday, September 27, 2009

It’s Been a Busy Week Here at the Popcorn Trick (Week 3 Picks)

As some of you know, we are both part of a company (The Nectar of the Gods) that specializes in short films and Internet viral marketing. We recently won a short film contest to promote the delicious beef products of Vincent Giordano. On Wednesday, we travelled to the Acme in Bala Cynwyd to accept a giant novelty check for a large sum of cash, thus enabling us to cross off accepting a giant novelty check for a large sum of cash from our life’s to-do list.


And yesterday we filmed scenes for another short film competition to promote Black Box Wines. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it got messy. At the rate we’re pulling coin for this shit, we’ll be giving our collective 2 weeks notice any day now.

And to prove that good things and bad things happen in threes, I discovered this video. Steve Lavin could never be a part of our acting troupe since he can’t keep a straight face. Maybe I’ll work with him on putting his tongue in his cheek to avoid such unprofessionalism.

Week 2 Wrap-Up

You can see the overall standings here. Not a great week for either of us, but predictably, I have taken an early lead over Goose:

Cline: 7-9 (.438), -$360

Goose: 6-10 (.533), -$560


Cline: 16-16 (.563), -$320

Goose: 15-17 (.563), +$520

My Picks In The League Where They Play…

…For Pay!

WASHINGTON (–6.5) at Detroit

GREEN BAY (–6.5) at St. Louis

SAN FRANCISO (+7.5) at Minnesota

ATLANTA (+4.5) at New England

TENNESSEE (+2.5) at NY Jets

Kansas City at PHILLY (–9.5)

NY GIANTS (–7.5) at Tampa Bay

Cleveland at BALTIMORE (–13.5)

Jacksonville at HOUSTON (–3.5)

CHICAGO (–2.5) at Seattle

NEW ORLEANS (–5.5) at Buffalo

PITTSBURGH (–4.5) at Cincinnati

DENVER (+1.5) at Oakland

Miami at SAN DIEGO (–5.5)

INDIANAPOLIS (+1.5) at Arizona

CAROLINA (–9.5) at Dallas

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Heather said...

note to self: quality of stadium names is not nearly as good of a predictor of game outcome as either team names or team colors. hopefully mascots will be better performers.