Thursday, September 10, 2009

A tease for the return of the NFL picks...

Tomorrow will go into much greater detail about this year's NFL picks, including possibly the chance for you to win big (actually quite small) prizes if you can somehow beat Cline and myself this year.

Stay tuned.

However, before we can get into that, we have tonight's game at hand, and I wanted to be on record before the game actually started, in case some of you are foolishly using my NFL picks as advice on gambling. As was the same as last year, I do roughly no pertinent research and pretty much go with my gut. If that's good enough for you, then I say go with God and wish you the best of luck.

Anyway, as for the game tonight...

(As always, home team is in CAPS; my picks are in bold)

Titans +6 vs. STEELERS

Remember when the Titans were all good last year until the playoffs when they folded? And remember when the Steelers were kinda ok until the playoffs when they were perfect? Well this isn't the playoffs. I'm jumping on board the Kerry Collins train, and riding it all the way to December, where I'll jump off before it careens off a bridge in January.

Also, I can't in good faith choose a city where a columnist would write something like this.

Jealous much, Gene?


Cline said...

For the record, I'll take STEELERS (-6).

I think the Steelers come out a little pissed that everyone's assuming New England will coast to another Super Bowl appearance and forgetting about them. They'll be playing 52-Pick Up (great Vanity nude scene in that flick, btw) with all the "We Don't Get Any Respect" cards.

Also, I think they're still pissed about the Titan who stomped on the Terrible Towel. That's like stomping on Jesus in Pittsburgh.

Goose said...

There's no God in Pittsburgh.