Monday, September 14, 2009

Links of Interest 9/14

Today is sneak your own work into the daily links day! Enjoy.

Anyone else have any interest in the Census the United States pulls out every ten years, or is that just me?

Humorous essay about aliens visiting Earth. I contend, this essay is funnier, though I may be slightly biased. Please feel free to let me know which one you favor.

The list of movies that show how movies are made is woefully incomplete without the inclusion of this one. I’m not sure how it was missed.

Absurd baseball injuries that happened off the diamond.

Some mildly interesting facts about what it would take to print the entire Internet out.

Why you shouldn’t ask a professional to read your fucking script.

Well, I can’t say the groom doesn’t have an awesome get up at this 99 cents store wedding.

I contend that if there’s some iteration of American Funniest Videos on the air at the time of the sale, buying a trampoline isn’t an expense; it’s an investment. Here are some videos that prove my theory.

All I want is the local hoagie shop to name a sandwich after me. Dick Fosbury revolutionized a sport.

Spending a little time with the Taliban.

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