Friday, September 11, 2009

The Return of The Popcorn Trick's NFL Picks!

Summer's over.

Sure, officially it will begrudgingly hold on for another two weeks, teasing us with another warm front for a few days before unceremoniously passing the torch to the young whippersnapper of Fall.

But seriously, those next two weeks?

Nobody's thinking summer.

Luckily, to take the place of longer days, skimpy clothing and hot, fresh sunlight, is the return of the NFL, which means the return of the Popcorn Trick's NFL picks. Legendary in their length, non sequitors and absurdity, these posts, if nothing else gave you something to read in anticipation of the week's games. And we see no need to change that.

However, we will be changing one thing...

You now have the chance to play against The Popcorn Trick! And win!

By now, you've obviously heard about the legendary Schlitz/sushi bet Cline and I made last year. And that I lost. And that I haven't paid it off yet. To that, I say...I have no excuse. Really. Cline won and I have not delivered the $8 case of Awesome, nor have I treated him to a feast of as much mediocre sushi as he can stomach. I could say it's because I don't want to Piven him, but that wouldn't be true. Who doesn't want to Piven someone when given the opportunity?

Our petty drama aside, this year we have decided to open up the picks to everyone out there with a chance to win. What you will win, I can't tell you yet. Pretend it's because the prize is so stupendously awesome that just knowing about its existence would cause you to hyperventilate.

Anyway, simply make picks and if you can beat Cline and myself (a feat probably not too difficult) you win!

Here's how to enter...

Click here.

Use this information:

Group: The Popcorn Trick Pick'em
Password: AnnexationOfPR

And start making picks. That's it!

And then every Friday (hopefully) I'll have my picks up for you to mock or genuflect. It all depends on how much youtube research I do.

Good luck! (not really)

1 comment:

Andrew said...

To quote Ivan Drago, "You will lose."