Thursday, September 24, 2009

Links of Interest 9/24

Kirk Cameron hates evolution.

More about if we’ve reached a peak oil crisis – and what that would mean.

The 10 ugliest cars ever built.

Even the best make mistakes. So obviously the not quite best make them more often.

It always amazes me when politicians who speak against such horrible sin, commit that sin.

Video Choose your own adventure? With a character that may or may not be a mashup of Cheeks Easton and Al Jolson (Nectar of the Gods trademarked)? Yes, please. Stick with it – pretty cool.

Dive into the online world of finding live music near you (via popcandy).

In the United States, you’re never farther than 145 miles away from a McDonalds. Good to know? (via kottke)

I guess I might give pause to wanting to be a census worker after reading this story.

A little explanation for this. Apparently Hannity offhandedly suggested he would get waterboarded for charity. Olberman took offense, and suggested he would donate $1000 to charity for every minute Hannity could withstand.

Can we perhaps put a moratorium on this waterboarding? Not the debate and exploration of what it is. The bravado and machismo of pundits and others getting waterboarded. It’s become a cliché, no? I guess that is sort of Olberman's point, but still - his sense of outrage is also a stab to get ratings. So he's feeding right into the mess. Because what if Hannity accepts? We have to blame Olberman to a degree, right?

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