Friday, September 18, 2009

Links of Interest 9/18

The history of the American automobile industry.

It’s hard to believe, but these movies opened up at #1 at one time.

The 33 most dangerous substances on the Earth. You know, in case you’re researching a murder mystery novel. Please do not use information for researching an actual murder.

Only 20? (If you’re a huge Dan Brown fan, I’d probably tell you to skip this link.)

It makes me feel kinda ok with myself to hear that the novel, Lord of the Flies was rejected 21 times. Probably my favorite assigned novel in high school.

25 (really) short film reviews from the Toronto Film Festival.

Sometimes, coming up with a name for a product can be kind of tricky.

I’m always going to link to Gary Busey videos.

A tale of an unlikely drug dealer.

Bring back the fish!

Crop circles are making a comeback; somewhere M. Night Shyamalan is working on a twist.

Even if we were to somehow survive a zombie attack, I guarantee the people behind this formula are the first to go.

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