Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Links of Interest 9/8

What do your favorite tennis players listen to?

An article about jai alai – from 1979 - talking about the gambling problem behind it. (Thanks Sportsguy!)

Are Letterman and Leno still at it? Wasn’t the Late Shift enough?

Trent Reznor and his continued journey through angry music.

I love the thought of moonshinin’. It has such a romantic notion. And yes, I realize the reality of it is far from romantic. But what do you want from me? I watched Gator and White Lightning at a really young age.

Chuck Klosterman takes a look at the new Beatles box set.

Shows aren’t always ruined when characters hook up.

How can a Rambo lunch box be on a worst list?

In a similar vein, a C.H.U.D. shouldn’t be making a worst movie monster list either!

Add milk to the list of things we all like but now can’t enjoy because the system to get it to market is completely horrible.

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