Friday, September 11, 2009

Links of Interest 9/11

Interview with a family who gave up the creature comforts for a year – and made a movie about it.

Awesome tilt shift photography.

Hey, even street drugs have to market themselves out there.

I think it’s rather naïve to suggest some Beatles fans wouldn’t know these facts, but still they are pretty interesting.

Anyone a fan of Andrew Zimmern? That, bulky, bald headed guy on the Travel Channel that you thought was a flaccid copycat to Anthony Bourdain? Well, he has a book out, and Time asked him a few questions about it.

This guy has spent a lot of time in checkout lines.

Smuggling humans on the Mexican border.

The inside scoop about Amsterdam coffeehouses.

If you like documentaries, this website is for you.

Sure, dancing is fun. But it can also be incredibly awkward to watch.

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