Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Links of Interest 9/22

Creating artificial biology. Where will it lead us?

For Clinton fans – a book is coming out shortly detailing a lot of what happened during the Clinton presidency.

If you saw The Office last Thursday, you probably know what parkour is. Check out this video of someone actually doing it right.

Cool theory called The Inconvenience Threshold. Definitely slacker inspired.

Apparently casinos aren’t always the answer when it comes to creating more revenue.

Ever hear about Oak Island and the treasure you’ll never be able to get that’s there?

Radical ideas that could change the world.

What do you think the most expensive movies of the past decade were? (via popcandy)

Want a really good view of the night sky? Perhaps you should travel to Chile.

Hmmm…would you pay for a product that would analyze what you were watching on television and then give you facts to counter what was being said on that program? Think news pundits as an example of how it would best work.

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mndleftbod said...

I am trying to figure out how the F Rush Hour 3 could possibly have cost that much to make. Granted I have never seen any of them, but it didn't seem like a special effects dynamo from what I remember of trailers.