Thursday, September 3, 2009

Links of Interest 9/3

Interview with Mike Judge, who has a new movie coming out, which is destined to fail on the big screen, yet will slowly find a cult following years from now before turning into a classic that everyone quotes ad nauseam. Congrats!

Maybe I couldn’t rap as good as this guy, but pencil drumming? I got that covered.

If you want to see the devastation of the LA fires, check out this map.

I’ve got no reason to include this article other than to say I find Diane Sawyer moderately attractive.

For people who are really into Jeopardy.

If you’re really into the fantasy games (D&D, World of Warcraft, etc.) but think they’re a little lame because there’s not enough, you know actually physical action, then this might be for you.

That Cash4Gold stuff all over the TV I’m sure you’ve seen? Surprisingly, it isn’t quite as simple as the commercial makes it out to be.

The birth, life and demise of online communities.

Books where people do something “crazy” for a year are on the rise. Good or bad?

I love an article about the word “cunt” that can’t say the word “cunt.” Thanks Newsweek, for writing an article on a word that you think is losing its hubris, yet undermining yourself by not being able to print it.

And isn’t “gash” more offensive in the end, anyway when referring to women?

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Caissie said...

Thank you for posting the BBC article on stunt books. I agree with the sentiment, and I was knocked out by how non-internetty the comments were. Fahncy BBC!