Monday, September 21, 2009

Links of Interest 9/21

The New Yorker reviews HBO’s new series, Bored to Death.

What makes Glen Beck tick?

TV about TV.

Weird things in the universe. Weirder than silly putty and the stuff they make super balls out of.

I don’t understand. For a list of movie sword fights, they have a picture of the one in Adventures in Robin Hood, but then it’s not mentioned? And to not list the climactic duel in Rob Roy is just silly. This list is painfully incomplete.

A secret book, held in a bank vault, that only few have read.

Rolling Stone’s Fall music preview.

Cool glacier pictures…taken from space!

If you’re a Top Chef fan, this is pretty cool. It’s a recap of last week’s episode from the ranchers that came to eat the food.

A guide to all the hamburgers that are served out there (via Kottke).

It’s Autumn and you know what that means – we’re going to hear a lot about foliage! (via Kottke)

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