Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Links of Interest 9/15

Rest in Peace Mr. Swayze. This is how I'll always remember you: Shirtless, kicking ass in a homoerotic fight as fires burn in the background.

Another recap of the 2009 MTV VMAs after you’re done reading ours.

If they were all lined up on the street and I was choosing (for research purposes only of course) I might surprise everyone and go Bridget Fonda. I mean, you have to imagine Connelly is going to be really strung out looking. Please feel free to let me know who your choice would be.

Weird prisons. I’m pretty sure if the prison is described as “weird,” you don’t want to get caught there.

The song was a punch line even before Gob used it in his act, but it’s also catchy and very recognizable. So why not enjoy a list of covers of The Final Countdown?

Cave diving. Sounds completely dangerous.

Celebrities hocking food.

A story that shows how far someone is willing to go to cure themselves, and how messed up our pharmaceutical company culture is.

Mathematics in movies.

Another article on how Wal Mart is bad. It’s almost getting too easy at this point. Of course, this one is suggesting Wal Mart is destroying our economy on a national scale.

I might have to bookmark this – a blog all about Legos.

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Nathan said...

for research purposes only?... I could go Connelly or DeMornay.