Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Music Set - Happy Day Songs

Just a quick little post, offering up some of my favorite Happy Day Songs. You know, the types of songs you can't resist rolling down the windows and belting out while you're driving home on a Friday; the types of songs that will get your legs moving even if you're in church; the types of songs that will make you pause before pouring that 4th tumbler of bourbon while analyzing the whole bunch of nothing you've done with your life.

You know what type of song I'm talking about...

Some songs you'll recognize, some you might not. Please feel free to suggest any songs you might think would be a good happy day selection.

(And please don't think I'm depressed, though that might be how this is coming across.)

1 comment:

Cline said...

I prefer the version of Catfisherman I sang on, but that's just me.

And coincidentally, this Ellis Paul song (off Me, Myself, & Irene soundtrack) hit me just right today around 5: