Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Links of Interest 8/5

Join the debate about which film defines the 2000s here.

Keep eating your corn syrup, and enjoy your mercury poison.

Need another reason to hate Wal Mart? They’re ripping off the Girl Scouts.

The term “Birthers” has been in the news recently, describing a person who questions Obama’s birth, and therefore the legality of his presidency. Pretty sure truthers look down at these people.

The best baseball players as chosen by science!

Ever wonder about those Netflix warehouses? Wonder no more!

Profile of Christina Hendricks. You know, the redhead on Mad Men.

I may be the only one, but the more I hear about Inglorious Basterds, the more I roll my eyes. Here’s a trailer for a movie within the movie.

Just a cool picture of many hot air balloons taking off.

Who doesn’t love a good leprosy story?

Traveling to the Congo soon? I’d be careful of the raping. Regardless of gender.

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