Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Links of Interest 8/25

(Note: Usually, the video I include has at least some tenuous connection to a link I put up. Today's has no such connection. It is just too awesome to pass up. You're welcome.)

Bad albums by good bands.

Dave Sedaris’ take on Australia.

Barry Sonnenfeld’s favorite tv theme songs. Not nearly as good as these of course.

Get your learn on about indie rock.

I read this article and the headline is a little misleading – it suggests Craigslist is antiquated, and yet the article is more about what drives Craigslist. I think Wired also stumbles a little by following the Craigslist article with an article about how lo-fi technology can be extremely successful in the marketplace – something Craigslist seems to embrace.

Yes, Apple does occasionally make mistakes.

Cocaine bars
. In Bolivia. What could possibly go wrong?

The mp3 changed history. Or created it. I guess it’s not possible to change history without a time machine.

A meaty dessert.

Want better mozzarella? Make your buffaloes happy.


mndleftbod said...

I wanted to read about a delicious meaty dessert hopefully containing bacon...and got the MP3 history link again.

Goose said...

apologies - it should be fixed now.