Thursday, August 27, 2009

Links of Interest 8/27

G.I. Joe and the American Army.

Interview with Ang Lee.

Awesome astronomy photo taken from Sequoia National Park.

This is a lot of detailed information about the Hutts from Star Wars.

The Conversation has a really cool opening shot.

An article questioning why we work so hard. I always wondered what is the obsession is some people have working for other people other than the inner drive to excel. I’d rather turn that drive however into a hobby or something.

How Craigslist defeated the once mighty eBay.

A playlist of Tarantino and the music he chooses for his films.

If you like maps, you’ll want to click here.

I have no idea what the idea for this website is, or what the ultimate goal is, or anything really about it. Still, I found it strangely hypnotic to watch it gather data. And what I did learn is that there are a lot of people out there with my name that are a lot more accomplished than me.

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