Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cool Shit 2/11

While I admit this looks kinda cool, I also think we as a society, might be over saturating the market for recreational snow vehicles.

Growing up in a tennis house I remember watching the Connors/Krickstein match live... I actually remember watching every Connors match of that historic US Open run. It was special because it was a former great giving the crowd one more shot to thank him for his spectacular career. Sad to hear about 3 hip replacements.

New Pitch Perfect 2 trailer:

Ghostbusters boardgame? I'm all in.

Search engine for the dark web - now you'll be able to find a plethora of hitmen for that annoying neighbor.

Humans will always be curious, so it's not surprising there's a decent number of people volunteering to be the first people on Mars (and who won't ever be able to come back), but I wonder if that sense of curiosity will ultimately clash with our sense of survivalism.

Phone calls make for a creepy utility in some mysteries. Even with the advent of cell phones, they can have a chilling effect.

Watch these specific scenes from Jaws to learn what good cinematography can do for your movie.

Six stories from the Russian North; an area on our map that little is known about but holds some pretty cool treasures.

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