Friday, February 6, 2015

Cool Shit 2/6

After reading this rather enjoyable article about the cast of Police Academy and where they are now, I learned of what may be considered the greatest production to come out of Hollywood to date: Lavalantula. I can only hope it comes close to the brilliance of Shatner in Kingdom of the Spiders...

(I hate when science fiction becomes science fact. Also, there is no bad line in that trailer)

Bonus! William Shatner discusses his role in Kingdom of the Spiders! Don't you dare think I didn't watch all 16 minutes of this!)

Ok, I'm back. Those 16 minutes might be the best 16 minutes I've spent all week. Come for the time  Shatner indirectly insults every woman cast in this movie; stay for when he gets into eating rats. I think he also might suggest that there is going to be an evolution of super-intelligent spiders in the near future. Of course I'm bummed the sequel wasn't made, since it sounded batshit insane.

Grammy post for today: who should win/who will win? 

More Serial news, this time from some of the teachers who knew both Adnan, Hae, Jay and Stephanie. Though not revelatory, it is interesting to hear from people who knew the principles involved in the case.

Here's a nice, fun read from a congressperson about the current state of Congress, and just how little we can probably do to fix it. Though the author closes with a sense of optimism, I think that has more to do with the issue that he or she has to be optimistic, since they are so close to the situation, while the general public has already spoken (see approval ratings for Congress).

It has amazed me that of late, I have heard musicians strike out at streaming sites (spotify, Pandora, profit for themselves, as they have done within the industry, since the beginning of the industry.etc.) for not paying them appropriate shares of money; A. I always felt that this system was too new to immediately criticize as not getting it right, and B. let's not forget that record labels are going to manipulate the system as much as possible to turn a profit for themselves.

Hey, remember Beanie Babies? What the hell what were we all thinking?

Thinking about walking across that thinly iced pond? Maybe read this before you do, to be prepared just in case.

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