Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cool Shit 2/17

Get your fictional presidents on with this list of them on Netflix.

I'm sure Urban Outfitters feels every but the same way about me as I do them, and they don't care because they're a million dollar company. But still, when you sell stuff like this, you have to feel a little weird.

I thought the 40th anniversary SNL special mostly worked; sure there were some misfires (the Bassomatic note for note retread; the Californians in general; the missed opportunity with the ladies list from the AV Club on things they should have at least been addressed.
at the news desk) but there were plenty of hits and nostalgic moments that more than made up for them (Baldwin's Bennett running through all the characters of Tom Sawyer; Bill Murray bringing back Nick Ocean; Maya Rudolf and Short; Sandberg and Sandler). But there were obviously things that were missed; the show only had 3.5 hours to go through 40 years of history (though I probably would have given them an extra hour and ditched the stupid live red carpet event). Here's a

A post-apocalyptic television event series with giant monsters on FOX? I'm all in.

Have never heard of jet.com before but their business model is interesting. Not sure it is going to destroy amazon, but I will definitely look into it.

One man's account of going on a date with his wife to see 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine's Day.

Brain-altering devices have hit the market. What could possibly go wrong?

Cricket. An international sport that is way more popular than baseball, but way more confusing to the common American. Until now...

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