Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cool Shit 2/25

It's two days after the 2015 Oscars so what better time than now to start thinking about the 2016 Oscars?

10 books to give you the real scoop on history - not the one from your school textbooks.

Not thrilled how easily dismissed the theory of another planet on our orbiting trajectory behind the sun was.

Finally! A look at how the ratings are created for football players in Madden. It will at least give me an idea of how 1992 Minnesota Vikings' Joey Browner was basically an immortal in that game.

Not sure how this Chicago "black site" the police are operating hasn't gotten more notoriety, and hasn't gotten shut down. It's kind of frightening that something like this is happening so brazenly. I assume things happen like this within the majority of our cities, but not on such a high, organized level as to get caught. I assume this is now going to be a much larger story as it has come to light.

Revisiting the missing Malaysian plane from almost a year ago. Apparently, we're no closer to finding it. Or are we?

The Mongol Derby. A crazy horse race that harkens back to the times of Ghengis Khan. Sounds completely insane.

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