Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cool Shit 2/26

Scientists 20-25 years ago did a massive disservice to the world calling the upcoming climate change as "global warming," as it gave everyone who didn't want to believe in it (a weird fact in itself) ammunition every time it got significantly colder. Specifically like right now watching Boston and the entire Northeast deal with ridiculous amounts of snow. Newsflash: that's not countering our climate change; in fact it's more likely that it's a result of it. Regardless, check out what the northeast is going through with these photos.

Just because the Appalachian Trail is in the east, outside of the larger and taller mountain ranges doesn't mean it doesn't afford ridiculously difficult climbs.

15 movies about making movies. The meta aspect of all of these is my jam!

Haven't really seen this take before: an argument for what made season 1 of Parks and Recreation so good.

Writers really are a weird bunch.

What you can do with $10 at a dollar store.

I guess this kind of makes it official: Alien 3 will technically not exist in the Alien universe based on
the next movie. Say what you want about it, I think the premise of Alien 3 worked and while it made some controversial decisions, that was the story it told.

I just had to link to this, if only to allow others to attempt to wrap their minds around the concept of something being 12 billion times larger than our sun.

Also something that is baffling scientists: strange lights on a dwarf planet in our solar system.

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