Friday, February 14, 2014

Cool Shit 2/14

This can't be good PR for Under Armour, although it sorta sounds like a weak excuse too. Hey Americans, maybe we're not the best at everything, specifically a sport that is traditionally dominated by other countries!

Looking to finally give up stealing music and have decided to start streaming? Here's a good breakdown of the services you can use.

Yesterday we looked at 5 gallon survival kits, but you're no survivalist if you don't have a bug out bag. And here's a good look at what that bag should carry, though it may be just a tad militia-y.

An all-Nic-Cage cast Expendables 4 directed by Spike Jonze? I'm pretty certain a kickstarted for that would reach its goal in minutes.

Evidence that this blog is not sponsored or owned by big oil (unlike some of the more major news outlets that don't seem to be covering this story) - the largest solar plant in the world has gone online!

David Fincher/Gillian Flynn project at HBO about conspiracies? Someone's been reading my dream journal again!

I liked House of Cards, but thought they went to far with the murder - I didn't think it was in step with what the character would do. But whatever, because it's back for Season 2 starting today. And here are 3 questions that we hope are answered within the new season.

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