Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cool Shit 2/27

This is like a Where's Waldo if Waldo had a huge long range rifle and was actively trying to kill you.

Great breakdown of the brilliance that is The Match Game. I remember when Game Show Network was an infant, and it built its foundation on the back of this show. My friend and I even made a drinking game out of it, and realized the genius of Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and many of the other panelists. In fact, I remember a Halloween not too long ago, I dressed as CNR and snapped at a woman who mistakenly suggested I was Thurston Howell. But in my defense, how could she be so stupid?

This news that the Red Road television series from Sundance isn't that great is too bad; it was on my radar, but now one poor review can destroy a show, since there are so many other good ones on.

Even if it's just a comic, news that new Jack Burton (he of Big Trouble in Little China) stuff is coming out is extremely good news.

A great look at how to break down the conceptual nature of incomprehensibly large numbers. And I'm talking really big, like ones over 1000!

Reading about the history of Cosmopolitan's weirdest sex tip (involving a donut), made me think there's a blog (and eventual book deal) for a couple to record their thoughts and histrionics attempting ALL of the Cosmopolitan sex tips. And yes, I concede that the idea might already be out there, but I really don't want "Cosmopolitan sex tip blog" in my NSA file.

Careless Whisper as a 30s jazz song? Why not:

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