Monday, February 3, 2014

Cool Shit 2/3

In honor of Groundhog Day being yesterday, and the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, here are 10 movies that play around with timelines and the protagonists.

Masturbation and prostate cancer. It's all about hitting the sweet spot.

Stupid Russians with their military fuckups and whatnot.

Sure, it was Howard Stern's birthday, but the best thing out of it might have been getting to learn more about David Letterman.

Sad to hear Philip Seymour Hoffman died. Here's a look at 21 of his roles.

Space photo! With woods like "storm of stars" being used in the description. (Unrelated: remember that weird rock that wasn't there and then there in the Mars photos? Seems like NASA quickly and quietly swept that under the rug! Get your computer viruses ready for the impending alien apocalypse!)

So I know I've written about Big Ass Spider before, but now here's a review of it! And the trailer again:

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