Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cool Shit 2/25

Wines are just so complicated; especially when you're talking French wines. Therefore, this map should be crucial for you when wandering through the aisles of the wine store.

RIP Harold Ramis. Sure, you know him from many of his popular movies that he wrote/directed/starred in, but I'll always remember him from SCTV, one of the more underrated sketch television shows.

Hey all you aspiring serial killers! Abandoned amusement park for sale! Perfect for ritual killings and other fun stuff!

More True Detective links for you to enjoy. Here, you can read about the movies that influenced the show.

New HBO show. New Mike Judge show. It's the same show! And it's about Silicon Valley:

And finally, if you have some sort of curiosity about what people search for when they search for porn, here's a look at a live stream of those searches. And if I have to tell you this is not safe for work, well, maybe you shouldn't be on the internet.

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